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What we do

OpenMinds is a student-led intervention, providing mental health education to school students by training medical students to deliver workshops in local schools.


We aim to:

  • To provide university and school students with mental health education to improve mental health treatment-seeking behaviours.
  • To reduce stigma associated with mental illness by enhancing knowledge and positively influencing attitudes and behaviours in university and school students.
  • Promote awareness of mental illness in school and university students, and support leadership among the student body.
  • Recognise signs of mental illness in themselves, family and friends.
  • Provide students with key information about where to get help.
  • Improve understanding of mental health as an essential component of overall well-being.
  • Challenge negative stereotypes of people with mental health issues.


If you are interested in taking part in OpenMinds or having an OpenMinds group provide mental health education in your school, then click here. We currently have groups at:

University College London

King’s College London

Imperial College London

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Our mission

We believe that providing school students with mental health education will improve mental health-seeking behaviours and reduce stigma arising from ignorance. We believe that exposing first year medical students to mental health education will have a positive influence on their later career choices and contribute to an improvement in the profile of psychiatry as a medical speciality.



What’s unique about OpenMinds?

OpenMinds is student-led and sustainable. Our workshops are creative, flexible and original. The simplicity of our implementation allows OpenMinds to be low cost, and easy to set up and run. Our approach can be replicated in virtually any university, addressing the shortage of mental health education in schools and universities.



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